#40 - Chrissy Teigen Controversy, The Friends Reunion, Kendall Jenner’s Tequila Ad


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This week’s epi has us feeling forty, fhlirty, and fhriving. Between the Friends reunion happening next week and Olivia Rodrigo’s album dropping, spirits are high and the world is healing.

First up: even though Chrissy Teigen’s abrupt return to Twitter was enough to place her on The Wrong Side, she’s in even hotter water amid the Courtney Stodden controversy. We unpack the million reasons why this is so problematic and try to figure out why this story sort of flew under the radar (13:16-24:46)?

Next: the Friends reunion airs this week on HBO Max and we are truly unwell. Did we mention that it falls on the same date as our one-year pod anniversary? Between the re-reading of iconic scripts, trivia, and group hugs, we’re counting down the seconds until it airs. Also, still waiting for someone to explain why people are so pissed about James Corden hosting (24:56-31:12).

Finally: Kendall Jenner has done it again, and not in a good way at all. Remember her Pepsi commercial? We unpack how just four years later, she’s managed to do everything wrong when it comes to her new tequila and all the marketing/advertising that’s being done for it (31:14-45:35). Let’s discuss!

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