#42 - Billie Eilish’s “Lost Cause” Music Video, Bo Burnham’s “Inside” Special, Friends Reunion Recap


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Releasing an episode on a Tuesday?! Groundbreaking. We’re back with a mini episode to get you through your week!

First up: Billie Eilish hit us with another incredible single, “Lost Cause,” and a ~chef’s kiss~ music video along with it. We discuss our initial thoughts on the video, how we feel about her past few singles, and why we think she isn’t happy with how her songs are performing on the charts (07:12-14:00).

Next: if you haven’t seen Bo Burnham’s “Inside” special on Netflix, get your ass to the couch and put it on right now. The art? The creativity? The catchiness of his songs? Iconic #IYKYK (14:25-21:55).

Finally: the long-awaited Friends reunion finally premiered on HBO Max and it was…..not as satisfying as we thought it was going to be, but we’re still happy with what we got. We talk about our favorite/least favorite moments and what we wish they would’ve done instead (hire us already) (21:56-32:44). Let’s discuss!

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