XZRS: Cliff Mickelson - Morgellon's Disease


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Morgellons disease is right out of science-fiction novels in that the symptoms are certainly not ordinary. The victims report strange animal-like and other forms exiting their skin, usually accompanied by lesions covering many parts of their bodies. Most victims report 'brain fog', chronic fatigue, severe depression, deep pain in their joints, loss of hair and nails and in some cases a strong urge to commit suicide. There are a host of other debilitating physical and psychological symptoms as well. Mr. Mickelson, himself a Morgellons victim for over 8 years, has methodically investigated Morgellons disease and has concluded that the possibility exists that there may be links to unintended consequences of genetically modified agricultural experiments gone bad or to deliberate or accidental releases of GMO weaponization programs. However, since little is currently known about this disease except that it apparently has no cure and as of yet has not been accurately identified... it is important to remember that all options are still on the table. Until peer reviewed and published science is on hand, no one particular theory holds any more or less actual credibility than another.

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