XZRS: Dalton Walker - A Very Strange and Unusual Rock


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Dalton Walker, Jr. has a rock in his possession that is confirmed not a meteorite. It did not fall out of the sky. It is confirmed not from this earth through preliminary laboratory testing. Source of origin unknown. In 2000, testing was conducted by NASA. In 2003 testing was conducted by US Department of Energy and the US Food and Drug Administration. After government testing all files have been sealed. What he does know and what he can confirm through experiments; there is a strange and unusual energy emitted from this rock unknown to scientists. This energy stops ice melting at room temperature or any temperature above freezing. This energy also kills insects instantly, mummify insect bodies after death in four days, causes damage to all electrical equipment and MELTS GLASS WITH NO HEAT! This is caused by some form or several forms of suspected non-ionizing radiation. He has learned the energy emitted may be composed of multiple forms of radiation. Testing for these forms of radiation can only be done by testing in the non visible radiation light spectrum. This energy cannot be detected with a Geiger counter.

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