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Gary Gillett is an award-winning voice actor, director, producer, performer, humorist and teacher now heard in 22 countries! He can be heard in cartoons, movies, video games, audiobooks, amusement parks, and vending machines! Gary is also a shaman, metaphysicist, teacher, author, and lecturer in the world of esoteric knowledge. Why? Because it turns out that Gary has also DIED 4 times in this lifetime, and is alive to tell about it! He dedicates his life to helping people live theirs to the fullest, creating the lives they desire, free from the fear of death. He knows that we're capable of amazing things, and strives to find the truth of our existence through the exploration of our true clarity of purpose here together. In his book, "Karmic Relief", (karmicreliefthebook.com) he writes about his experiences with the "other side", the memories of his childhood and adulthood as a shaman trying to find like-minded individuals in this puzzle-piece world. But because of who he is, an improv comedian and award-winning animation voice actor, he laces spirituality with a sense of humor to illustrate the essence of his message to those who are also seeking their own truth. - www.karmicreliefthebook.com

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