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Gary Val Tenuta is a freelance writer, illustrator and book cover artist. His illustrations and articles dealing with the UFO phenomenon and other subjects in the paranormal realm have been published in Fate Magazine in the U.S. and Beyond Magazine in the U.K. Gary is the author of The Ezekiel Code, a metaphysical/mystery/adventure/thriller in which 2012, the end of the ancient Mayan calendar, plays a key role in the plot. Over a decade ago Gary began to explore the possibility that the English alphabet was either naturally or artificially encoded or programed to correspond with the numbers 0 through 9. This exploration revealed curious alphanumeric patterns within, and related to, the alphabet and seemed to have a curious connection to the number 9. Michael Tsarion (internationally renown researcher and divination scholar) has called this work "a significant contribution to the establishment of an English-based system of gematria". Some of the results of this work have been referenced in three books by retired physicist, Joseph Turbeville. Turbeville's work deals with the Fibonacci numbers, and the geometry of the Great Pyramid. Tenuta's notion of an encoded alphabet eventually provided the idea for the "code" which serves as the plot device that drives the story of The Ezekiel Code from it's mystery-laden beginning to it's dramatic climax. - www.ezekielcode.com and www.secretofnine.com

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