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Author of Once Upon A Time: Retribution - is an exciting new Sci-Fi novel from Kansas writer Jack Lawrence, set before earth's last Ice Age, in our own solar system, between major planetary wars. In it, Siri, a battle-hardened combat veteran, retired from the 30-year Karta'n War, sets out with a partner to build a resort and spa on the planet of Agridev, where they face and overcome numerous challenging construction problems. One day, on Siri's way home for a much-needed rest, his space cruiser is attacked by a Karta'n ship captained by an old enemy of his, and Siri is captured. A spy covertly assigned to watch the Karta'n after the last war rescues him. Siri rejoins his old military outfit, which goes after the Karta'n force in what turns into a fresh space war that could endanger the entire solar system. After Siri's forces appear to be on the verge of victory, the Karta'n unveil a plot that threatens Siri's home planet of Axia. Colorado Springs ophthalmological assistant Theresa Herbert declares, "What I liked about ONCE UPON A TIME was how it kept hold of my attention. It was a very easy read and took me to another very interesting place for a while. I am not much of a sci-fi reader, but I enjoyed this one very much." Everett WA realtor Patricia Strand calls it, "Fascinating, intriguing and believable science fiction." Wichita art student Kaitlin Sewell, praises both its "heroic feel" and "the sparkling humor interspersed between the dramatic plot elements." Lawrence has always been a physics, astronomy and sci-fi buff. When he was a boy and his friends were all collecting baseball cards, he was reading Newton's Principia and learning about principles of motion and gravity. Kansas writer Jack Lawrence grew up in San Diego, spent two years in the Marine Corps and studied quantum physics at Butler County Community College. He earned an Airframe and Powerplant rating and worked in the aviation field for several years, five of which he spent as a service department inspector at Learjet. Lawrence now runs his own construction and remodeling business. - www.amazon.com

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