XZRS: Lisa Lindley - True Demonic Possession


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Lisa is native Missourian and live outside of the St. Louis area with her husband and three children. She was always fascinated with the paranormal and ghost stories until August 2007 when their lives changed forever. They realized that we weren't living with "so called" ghosts anymore. They had literal physical manifestations of demonic activity in both of their homes, which she thought would never happen to them. After five years of intense occurrences, Lisa finally decided to write about them using her own personal documented information and offer support to others going through a similar situation with children who felt incredibly alone. Her husband and her have a very "real" perspective. These forces of darkness are authentic and can be very dangerous. They aren't having immediate resolution with getting rid of what is targeting their family but they feel that they are going through this situation to help others and are growing from it. Currently they are trying to gain some long-term closure but realize that they cannot move to escape this; however, leaving the large renovation project with their home behind might offer some long awaited peace. They are hoping that they won't be followed to a third one. The message that they have to share is too valuable not to talk about with others. Lisa thinks they can make a big impact upon those going through similar circumstances and those who want honest, truthful answers regarding the "unknown". It isn't every day that a "normal" family of five with children has to battle demons in their home, especially when they weren't invited in. They are as genuine as they come and tell it like it is.

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