XZRS: Mike Blodgett - A Letter To President Obama About The Shriners and their Human Trafficking


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Human Trafficking Connection - stories and mysterious fraternal organization known for its fundraising efforts on behalf of burned children and crippled children, the Shriners boast an international membership in the hundreds of thousands, including luminaries Gerald R. Ford, Buzz Aldrin and John Wayne. However, recent changes have already landed several of their esteemed member in prison. With the help of a very special guest, who has researched and helped piece together the elements of the affidavit that identified and accused several key members of human trafficking, and linked those members to a nationwide ring of corruption, our exposing of Human Trafficking and Slavery continues. This sensational case, though years in process, is poised to make national headlines, as the Supreme Court considers it for its docket. In this very special Human Trafficking and Slavery Special, the lurid details of the case including threats, retaliation, judicial corruption, tax evasion, and human trafficking will be revealed. This interview will open your eyes to just some of the power and connections of those involved in Human Trafficking and Slavery.

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