XZRS: Randall Shelton - Life On Earth


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Discover - What you really are; Why so many Light Workers are here; Why you are really here; What "here" really is; And…what about life after death? Now, here is your manual answering those questions and more! Read the results of a 30 year research project into the afterlife, the place of light workers, and channelling by philosopher, psychologist, religious education major, and University of Denver alumni, Randall C. Shelton. This manual may be the most compelling revelation, ever, about humankind living on planet Earth. The real story has been subtly withheld …… until now. Enjoy this combination of breathtaking illustrations and down-to-earth disclosures of a paranormal nature all leading to the intriguing epiphany: we are all in a cosmic game. This manual clarifies instructions required in winning this cosmic game. - http://www.onlyuno.com

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