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Sandi Athey - No matter, where you are today, It is possible to transform your life.
No one would know by speaking with her that the trauma and beating that brought Sandi Athey to the brink of death ever happened. The attack also opened a psychic gift that had been dormant for most of her life. Through the years of healing: physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually, Sandi approached each day as a new opportunity to understand more about herself and the Universe in which we live.
Over time Sandi came to realize how important it is to stay in the present, regardless of the past. In her first book, The Daily Dance: Your Guide to Life Happily Every After (Distinctively Diva Press 9/12) Sandi delights the reader with positive thoughts, stories and tips on living each day to its fullest. Sandi knows from first hand experience that life can change on a dime and regardless of issue, only real recovery happens when we put our best foot forward.
Sandi is an intuitive psychic who is blessed with the ability to tune into the big picture of the Universe. Sandi’s psychic abilities developed after an attack that left her near death and severely injured. Through determination and the power of love she danced with the Universe and healed her body, mind and spirit. Sandi uses her intuitive gifts with her clients, both human and animal, and teaches us how to embrace each day with gratitude, joy and love.
She is an accomplished actor, voice talent and radio & TV personality. Sandi is a writer, artist and published author. An animal lover with an infectious laugh, Sandi also loves cooking, fashion, nature hiking, and has a handsome rescue Chihuahua named Kokopelli who is an active volunteer with Pets on Wheels.

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