Full Interview – COVID-19 with Jake Turx, Yosef Rapaport BONUS PODCAST


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COVID-19: a roundtable discussion of the novel coronavirus, aka "Covid-19", with special guests Jake Turx, @JakeTurx on Twitter and Whitehouse correspondent for Ami Magazine (http://www.amimagazine.org); and Yosef Rapaport, @YosefRapaport on Twitter and commentator for hotline broadcaster Kol Mevaser (http://Yiddish24.com).

Recorded in the late afternoon of Weds. Apr 1 2020, just before the live broadcast.

Note: a shortened version of this appeared in the first quarter-hour of the broadcast; this bonus podcast contains the full interview. Joining in the full interview is regular co-host Sholem Beinfeld, Co-Chief Editor of the Comprehensive Yiddish-English Dictionary and Professor of History, Emeritus, at Washington University, and Mark (Meyer) David, host and producer of The Yiddish Voice.

Air Date: April 1, 2020 (Partial)

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