Cindy Krum on passage ranking, PWA, voice search and the new SEO tools of MobileMoxie


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Cindy and Joost will cover the following topics during this episode, with timestamps indicating when the topic comes up:

  • 1:18 - Passage ranking: Google indexing text fragments
  • 4:02 - Progressive Web App (PWA) in search results
  • 8:26 - Making indexed information accessible for all languages
  • 11:52 - Cindy’s take on the future of SEO
  • 14:06 - All about MobileMoxie’s (new) tools
  • 16:07 - The benefits of MoblieMoxies ‘page-oscope’
  • 19:18 - How coders help Google by adding markup
  • 22:52 - The importance of Core web vitals
  • 25:56 - New idea: a JSON-LD version for a URL
  • 29:30 - Why everyone, including big brands, should use WordPress
  • 30:57 - The future of voice search
  • 34:45 - New idea: Markup the first paragraph of news articles as speakable

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