Episode 102: "Thanks, but No Thanks"


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Dear Listener, Have you ever been in one of those food situations where someone won’t take “no” for an answer? Maybe your co-worker really wants to you try his “world famous” seven layer dip…or maybe grandma’s favorite way to say “I love you” is through her chocolate chunk cookies. Sure, part of your IE journey involves making peace with all foods you find satisfying and learning to enjoy them, guilt free, when in social settings. But did you know part of your IE journey also involves learning to speak your truth and communicate your needs? And sometimes, this may involve politely refusing food! Whether your reason for refusing certain foods is due to an allergy, food preference, or simply because you’re already feeling comfortably full, I know that saying “no, thank you” can be uncomfortable sometimes. So join me in this solo episode to learn how to navigate these situations so that you can kindly and unapologetically honor what’s best for your body 😊 If you love this episode, please consider tapping those five starts, leaving a review, and/or sharing a screenshot of this episode on your IG story! You can connect with me on IG and TikTok @clairechewning and join my free, private FB community by going to https://clairechewning.com/community . Thanks for listening! Yours Chewly, Claire

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