Episode 103: Social Media...Helpful or Harmful to Recovery? with Stephanie Waitt


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Dear Listener, Today I’m talking with special guest Dr. Stephanie Waitt about the role that social media plays in recovery from dieting and disordered eating. Stephanie is a licensed professional counselor and certified eating disorder specialist and loves treating eating disorders, trauma, anxiety, and depression at her practice, Texoma Specialty Counseling. In this episode, she shares her thoughts on how social media has contributed to rising ED rates and how we can ensure our social feeds are as safe + uplifting as possible. She also offers some awesome pointers on how to know if you need to see a trained professional AND how to find one if you do! If you’d like to learn more about Dr. Steph and see more of her content, you can find her at @hey_drsteph on both Instagram and TikTok or on her website www.texomaspecialtycounseling.com. She also offers eating disorder education and support resources at www.recovery-academy.com. Enjoy the episode! 🎉 Yours Chewly, Claire

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