Episode 133: TikTok Nutrition Trend Takedown


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Dear Listener, I’m BAAAACKK! Thank you for being patient with me as I took a much needed break from releasing new episodes over the past two months. I’m returning feeling refreshed and beyond excited to share some incredible new episodes with you all. We’re kicking things off today with a TikTok nutrition trend takedown 😈 Tune into this episode to hear me break down some of the most popular nutrition trends on TikTok and why you DON’T need to buy into them. If you’re not on TikTok, don’t worry—I have a feeling you’ll still find this episode entertaining and informative 😊 If you enjoy today’s episode (or anything else I share here on the pod), please tap those five stars and leave a review if you feel so inclined! It helps the show more than you know and I’m so grateful for your support. Yours Chewly with gratitude, Claire

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