760: Controlling when you are out of control


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Check this out, I asked Ziglar listeners this question, “Throughout a given day, do you generally behave as you intend to? If/when you don’t, what tends to derail you?” As responses started pouring in, a very common thread was “people”. So I gave a follow up question, “When you get upset with people, does your emotion come from Fear or Pride? Fear = abandonment, rejection, loss. Pride = justice, fairness, enabling. I asked Stephen & Mara Klemich to join me, they were my recent guests in show 753 where we discussed how our behavior is explained by four principles, the message in their new book, “Above The Line.” As we went through many of the responses, what we came out with was this; what derails people most from the behavior they would wish to exemplify is, lack of control. Whether it is people or circumstances, lack of control is the main culprit. Why is this? Listen in as Stephen and Mara deftly guide us in understanding the root issue. And friends, if you have not yet taken their Heartstyles Indicator assessment, normally only available to if you buy their book. But for Ziglar listeners, I asked them to make it available immediately and at no cost. They are doing so until March 15, 2020. Go to heartstyles.com/ziglar and follow the instructions. Use the access code ZIGLAR2020 to get access to the Indicator/assessment. Again, heartstyles.com/ziglar and use the access code ZIGLAR2020. If you hear this after...get the book!

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