TU158: Are You Cool, or Just Cut Off? Dismissing/Avoidant Styles of Relating in Adulthood – REPLAY


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Dismissing/Avoidant Styles of Relating in Adulthood – REPLAY

After 5 seasons and over 2 1/2 million downloads, Ann and Sue are realizing they need to bump the podcast UP from hobby status. We will be back soon and will have some news when we do, so look for us on November 2, 2021 for the Season 6 launch. However, in the meantime, we thought we’d keep cycling through some oldies but goodies. The next 3 are extremely popular episodes and Season 6 will pick up where these leave off.


It is our pleasure to share one of our most popular in our basic attachment series. This is the first of three – 159, 160, 161. Take a listen, or re-listen and reflect, or share with somebody you know needs to listen.

We will be back soon and have been working hard contemplating next steps. Look for us live again early November, we have a great season coming up and more chances for our listeners to interact. Season 6 will pick up where these leave off, and we cannot wait to share more with you.

Sometimes you feel secure but really have just learned to cut off from important life-giving emotions. This episode is especially for those “talk to the hand” kind of people or those that love them. You know, the uber-independent, rational, left-brain, excel spreadsheet person that sees others emotions as needy and weak.

Co-hosts Sue Marriott LCSW, CGP and Ann Kelley PhD translate decades of research and clinical experience into easy to understand usable points to help you improve your understanding of why people appear so irrational at times. They talk about how internal working models of the world are formed outside of our awareness in our early life and how they get passed forward over time, sometimes causing relationship trouble.

Early stress responses and relationships create a pathway, and how we talk not what we say are clues to which pathway we may be on. This episode specifically focuses on the blue side of the spectrum, which you may be familiar from research as Dismissive or Avoidant.

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