238: Energy Healing For Trauma, Chronic Pain + Chronic Illness With Casey Hersch


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In episode 238 host Laura Reagan, LCSW-C interviews Casey Hersch, LCSW about how energy healing can be a helpful part of healing trauma, chronic pain and chronic illness - when practiced in an ethical manner. Casey shares how consumers can identify safe and unsafe energy healing practices, some of the advantages and pitfalls of using these practices, and how to find an energy worker who is part of a professional organization with ethical standards to protect the public. Casey, a previous guest on Therapy Chat, discusses how energy healing practices have helped her as part of her recovery from trauma and Crohn's disease.

Casey Hersch is a licensed clinical social worker, consultant, author, ballroom dancer, and founder of www.lightyoursparkle.life. She specializes in integrative treatment models for chronic illness. She has enhanced her understanding of healing through her studies of holistic treatment modalities. Her own struggles with autoimmune illness (Crohn's disease) and trauma inspire her to help others connect the dots of their own lives and to embrace the many dimension of healing. She is passionate about empowering others to be experts in their own bodies. She has published articles for Social Work Today, The New Social Worker, Taste for Life, Tiny Buddha, and Consciouscat.com, to name a few. Pet companionship, music, dancing, and relationships are at the heart of her healing, and she emphasizes there is not a "one size fits all" approach to health. Her book, pending publication, explores the connections between illness, trauma, attachment, and resiliency.


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Today's guest, Casey Hersch, LCSW, shares resources from her website to learn more about the ethical practice of energy psychology.








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