243: Chronic Illness & Trauma


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Welcome back to Therapy Chat! In today's podcast host Laura Reagan revisits her conversation with Dr. Veronique Mead on chronic illness and trauma.

Dr. Veronique Mead integrates the research on adverse childhood experiences (ACEs), attachment trauma and additional types of adversity as risk factors for autoimmune disease and other chronic illnesses.

She shares this emerging new paradigm of disease on her blog Chronic Illness Trauma Studies to inform people living with chronic physical conditions and educate medical and health care professionals.

Veronique draws from her background as a family physician and assistant professor, a Master's degree in body-oriented psychotherapy, specialty training in somatically based trauma and perinatal therapies, and applying and exploring these principles on a personal journey of recovery from chronic illness. She lives in Boulder, CO.

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Veronique's website: https://chronicillnesstraumastudies.com/

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