Valentine’s Day 2020 Special Subject – Valley Girl (1983) and Moment By Moment (1978)


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What better befits a Valentine's episode than a couple of films about star-crossed lovers. First, it's punk (Nicholas Cage, in his first starring role) meets prep in Martha Coolidge's low-key, surprisingly affecting teensploitation cult classic VALLEY GIRL (1983). Then, John Travolta in his sex symbol prime drifts up on the beach of middle-aged one percenter Lily Tomlin in MOMENT BY MOMENT (1978), the only movie directed by Tomlin's partner and collaborator, Jane Wagner. We find out whether it's really the unprecedented-in-cinematic-history disaster that the internet continues to claim it is.

Time Codes:

0h 01m 00s: Valley Girl (1983; dir: Martha Coolidge)

0h 45m 10s: Moment By Moment (1978; dir.: Jane Wagner)

1h 26m 44s: Winter cinemagoing: Angela Schanelec retrospective + our coverage announcement; NOW, VOYAGER (1942; dir: Irving Rapper); THE KILLERS (1946; Robert Siodmak); THE KILLERS (1964; dir: Don Siegel)


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