Brain Fog Symptoms Causes and Easy Treatments


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Brain fog is an issue which affects almost everyone at some stage of their life. Find out the causes of brain fog and how you can better understand the reasons why you are sttruggling to cope with day to day life.

Brain fog symptoms can be

  • low energy
  • lack of concentration
  • headaches
  • forgetfullness
  • lack of motivation
  • stress
  • lack of sleep
  • Poor exercise

Causes of brain fog can be

  • Menopause, pregnancy
  • Alcohol
  • Poor nutrition
  • Poor sleep
  • Stress
  • Poor breathing
  • Poor circulation
  • Inflammation (hayfever, asthma, illness)
  • Head injuries - concussions

Treatments always will take into conisderation

IImproved nutrition



Proper exercise


Improved sleep

Gut health improvement

These are some of the improvements that can be made to your life to help you feel better and better cope with modern living. Learn the basics of brain health to better manage your life.

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