Episode 6 Quick Tips From Yu for You


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Intro Steve

Introduce Jarvis Yu.

Brief chat

What steps do you take to prepare for a tournament?

How crucial do you think good health habits are? Sleep. Food. Hydration

Testing vs Practicing


Playing what you know/like vs the best deck

Knowing your range

Matchup vs the field

MTGO 5-0 data critical when cherry picked or just a solid place for ideas

Sideboard Maps: Finding the perfect 75

Sideboard guides vs game theory

Merits of Sideboard guides and disadvantages

Play draw considerations

What habits do you observe before a tournament?

Thoughts on pregame jitters

Staying positive and a healthy mindset when variance takes over

Classic Jarvis Articles that hooked me into Gathering Magic



Patreon shoutouts

Brendan Mcgrail

Dylan Hovey

Lee Parker

Levi W

Reinhardt Gao

Robert Wilson

Steve Sizemore

Ryan Freeburger

Social Media





Jarvis Yu@jky06


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