The Hidden World of Sh*t (a farewell to 2020)


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Language warning. We use the word sh*t a lot in this episode, since it is, in fact all about poop.

To wrap up this crappy, some may even say shitty year, host Adam Gamwell and intern Elizabeth Smyth discuss the origin of the word shit, how the way we defecate is culturally constructed, what our poop reveals about us, and so much more in this New Year’s Eve mini-episode of This Anthro Life. Farewell 2020, it’s been real.

In this episode we dig into:

  • What poop tells us about culture and our biology
  • Whether to sit or squat?
  • Poop’s superpower for healing gut microbiota and potential energy source
  • How poop in space might tell us if we are, in fact, extraterrestrials ourselves

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