My SIBO (Endo-Belly) Journey and Treatment Plan


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Some of you may know that I was recently diagnosed with both hydrogen and methane type SIBO, and suspected hydrogen sulfide type SIBO too. This diagnosis, whilst I was certain would come back positive, still knocked me emotionally.

With this knowledge, I was able to piece together symptoms and struggles I have faced my entire life and begin making sense of my health story. Though endometriosis has played a huge part, SIBO has in fact been with me for much longer and has continued to cause me problems despite getting my endometriosis under control. Coming to terms with this news has been a relief but also a grieving process as I’ve looked back and realised how much SIBO had dictated my life up until this point.

As a result, I thought it might be helpful to share with you my considerations when choosing my treatment, how I’m processing the news, my concerns about managing and/or treating my SIBO, how SIBO has affected my health and what I’m doing in the present moment to reduce my symptoms.

In this episode, I’m sharing:

  • My SIBO test results and what they mean.

  • A recap of SIBO symptoms and signs.

  • What kind of treatment plan I’m going to go with - antibiotics, antimicrobial herbs or the elemental diet, or a combination, and what these are.

  • My reflections on how SIBO has shaped both my physical and mental health as a child and the implications of that, including chronic fatigue and anxiety. Trigger warning: this section includes a discussion around eating disorders.

  • My process for managing my symptoms now until I begin treatment.

As mentioned above, this episode comes with a trigger warning as I spend a significant portion of time discussing my past history with disordered eating. Please take care of yourself and if it’s best for you to skip this episode, please feel free to do so.

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Show Notes

L-glutamine and cancer: I went back and checked my course and Dr Drummond states that high doses of l-glutamine may feed cancer cells. She felt it better to do high doses for a short period of time rather than lower for longer, but speak to your practitioner for accurate dosaging. You can also have a read of this article for more information on the link between cancer and l-glutamine.

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