S8E6: Risa Sera vs X - 60 Minute Iron Woman Gauntlet Death Match w/Eric Kuhr


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It's her party and she can bleed if she wants to! And apparently Risa Sera would like to bleed (this intro doubles as a content warning).

For the sixth episode of season eight, the gang is having a good, long look at a good, long match. It's the main event of Risa Sera 4th Product Last Death Match: the 60 Minute Iron Woman Gauntlet Death Match. Featuring kendo sticks, crowns of barbed wire, light tubes, baseball, snowboards, pasta (question mark), an egg yolk chugging contest, and more!

Joining Joaquin, Frank and Chuck to apply some soft science is Eric Kuhr!

[Risa Sera vs X, 60 Minute Iron Woman Gauntlet Death Match, Ice Ribbon/Risa Sera 4th Product Last Death Match, November 14 2017]

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