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The Fertility 101 Series, because there’s no shortage of daunting terms to keep your mind running, is a quick and dirty breakdown on a specific topic with insights from a fertility expert.

In this episode, you’ll learn about endometriosis, a condition in which a woman’s endometrial tissue grows inside of her abdomen. Each woman is different, but it’s common that endometriosis generates pelvic pain around a woman’s menstrual cycle or during sex, and it can cause infertility. Although it sounds intimidating for someone trying to conceive, many women facing endometriosis have found success through IVF and other treatments. And, ironically enough, pregnancy has been found to be an effective relief from symptoms.

Dr. Ravi Gada, Fertility Specialist at Dallas Fort Worth Fertility Associates, part of the Progyny Provider Network, joins us to cover everything you need to know about endometriosis including what it is, how to diagnosis, treatment, why it can cause infertility, and where to start if you think you may have it.

Expert: Dr. Ravi Gada, Dallas-Fort Worth Fertility Associates

Host: Dan Bulger

In the Dallas-Fort Worth metropolitan area? Schedule an appointment with Dr. Ravi Gada at Dallas Fort Worth Fertility Associates through their website.

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