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On this episode I chatted with Tony founder of Amelia Creamery. Tony is a commercial pilot from Brazil. He and his wife founded Amelia Creamery in 2017 named after their first granddaughter, Amelia, setting out to create the most indulgent French Yogurt in the US.

Traveling throughout Europe for many years, they fell in love with French Yogurt. This yogurt is very similar to what their European grandmothers used to make at home when they were kids.

Visiting small artisanal creameries in France, they learned the ancient technique of producing the world’s best Yogurt. They then began making it for our own consumption, using only fresh whole milk from small local dairies, pro-biotic bacterias, natural fruits, raw sugar from sugar cane and high quality honey. The result is a light creamy indulgence without the acidic taste of commercial Yogurt.

That’s how Amelia Creamery was born and you can find it in your local Whole Food stores and more information at and on instagram at

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