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On this episode I chatted with Bailey Wilson founder of Bondi Bowls. Bailey grew up in Arcadia, moved to California for college and then while at college took a semester abroad to Australia. Falling in love with this amazing country she returned to school to finish up her degree. At that time she decided to pursue a carrier in LA, applied for many jobs but none were successful. So she returned to Arcadia with hope that an opportunity would present itself. It did, Bailey took the opportunity to go back to Australia to work for a company that helped students study abroad, the same company that helped her and her classmates when she first traveled.

Armed with a visa and her suit cases the adventure began. Traveling up and down the coast of Australia, living the lifestyle, working along the way and really enjoying life. This is where Bailey knew she was meant to be. Until a phone call from Dad and the global pandemic hits in March. Bailey returned to Oklahoma. Confused, a little upset and not sure what the future holds. A few months later her and her Mom launch the Bondi Bowls food truck and since that moment it's been a raging success. A second truck on the way in 2021 and a first franchised truck in Fort Worth. Bondi Bowls is staking its claim on the world.

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