This is Camille Herron - Ultra Marathon Runner, Comrades Champion, 3 Time World Champion & 5 World Records


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On this episode I chatted with Camille Herron. Camille is a professional ultra marathon runner who currently holds 5 world records. 4 in ultra running ( 50 mile, 12 hours, 100 mile and 24 hours ) as well as her 5th one which is my favorite ( running the fastest marathon in a superhero costume ) Camille is a rockstar and her journey to the top of her sport has had more ups, downs twists and turns than you could imagine.

Not to ruin too much of the podcast for you but, Camille has won the OKC Memorial Marathon 3 times, set the course record and almost retired from running at age 33 before a friend introduced her to ultra running. If you are reading this and you are under 33, don't worry theres plenty more life left to live. Since 33 Camille has broken 5 world records and become a running advocate for runners all over the world. She has a Nike contract for goodness sake! Don't give up and take every moment life throws at you as a speed bump but keep moving forward. Follow Camille on Instagram and see her daily routines @runcamille

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