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This week I drove 2 hours from my home in Yukon all the way to Jet Oklahoma. The reason, to interview Max McDermott and Alsyon Penco of DeVine Water company. What a great experience, right close to the Salt Plains up there are these natural wells and the water is fantastic. Growing up nearby Max and many others would stop off at the well on their travels and some specially drive a ways to drink the water and fill up jugs to take home. DeVine water is natural artesian water all the way from the Rockies n Colorado. "deVine water owes its origin to the last Great Ice Age 15,000 years ago when clear, pure, pristine glacier waters flowed from Colorado ice fields through northern Oklahoma and southern Arkansas. The glacier waters were naturally trapped underground in natures purest groundwater reservoir-natural sandstone- where it is enhance with healthy minerals stored by nature".If you know about this well you already know the story. But if you don't, Max bought the land in 2003 after the previous owner had passed. After purchasing the land they found a few more wells on the property and began the process of extracting and bottling it up to sell. Over years the business has grown and you can now buy their water is grocery stories as well of larger bottles for office supplies etc. Max's daughter Alyson came home from New York to help start the business and has been involved in the process from 2003.The well is free to visit and fill up as much water as you want. GO VISIT!

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