This is Jake Keyes - Skydance Brewing Co. Oklahoma City's First Native American Owned Craft Brewery.


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On this episode I chatted with Founder of Skydance Brewing Co Jake Keyes. Jake also has a podcast called Brewed with Hustle which I was fortunate enough to be interviewed for a few weeks ago. Link here: BREWED WITH HUSTLE PODCAST

Jake is a former tribal gaming executive, Native Business Magazine Top 50 Entrepreneur, brewer and owner of Oklahoma City’s first Native American owned craft brewery, Skydance Brewing Co. his podcast "Brewed with Hustle" is a collection of conversations with leaders and entrepreneurs as they share their stories, tips, tricks and habits that will inspire you to take action on your dreams. Jake has built a tribe of influencers who have helped him along his journey of building a business that include tribal leaders, bar and restaurant owners, brewers, marketing professionals, coffee roasters and so much more. Now he is using this podcast as a platform to document his conversations with these inspirational people as he makes his journey towards creating a craft beer business that is truly Brewed with Hustle!

Jake has a fascinating story, he shares where his passion for brewing came from and where he passion for sales started out too. A true Oklahoma story for you today.

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