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On this episode I chatted with Jason Duncan. Jason grew up in Edmond, moved to Nashville for college to study music business. While studying in Nashville he was introduced to entrepreneurship. A class came available and so he turned his attention to business building with the plans to launch an event space. That morphed into a coffee shop but Jason was challenged to learn more about coffee than he originally wanted to. Learning about coffee he became amerced in the scene. Taking classes in Portland with new friends and his wife Jenny who he met while at university in Nashville. Jenny a Colorado native and Jason from Oklahoma, they needed a location to launch Jasons 85 page business plan. With Edmond being home but nothing really happening and Jason's love for travel, Jennys family in Colorado they chose Bozeman. Signed a lease sight unseen and moved across the country from Nashville to Colorado. Doing all they could to make this vision into a realty Jason opened up Evoke in Bozeman. As events unfold and business opportunities come and go. Jason and Jenny start a catering company and with some persuading come to OKC to cater a few events. Enough to pay for their trip. They then realized that OKC / Edmond could be a possibility and moved to launch EVOKE in OKC / Edmond. This episode is filled with wisdom, life lessons, business lessons and community. Episode released Friday. Tine into hear Jasons story and how he is now a huge part of Edmonds councils, planning and community building. This episode is presented by the Oklahoma Hall of Fame. Telling Oklahoma's story through its people since 1927. Follow them on instagram here and their website #thisisoklahoma

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