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On this weeks Oklahoma Hall of Fame episode I sat with Kevin Deshazo. Kevin has spend the last decade helping athletes, coaches and administrators to be better on social media. He founded Fieldhouse Media to help leaders and teams create championship culture with Culture Wins, a division of GiANT Worldwide. He's presented and spoken on more than 250 college campuses and national conventions over the past 9 years. He's been quoted by the likes of ESPN, The New York Times and USA Today. He's fueled by coffee, mostly Eote coffee as his office sits directly above it. He likes to read a lot of books and run a lot of miles. His new book "Keep Chopping Wood" is available on his website here Kevin lives in OKC with his wife Megan, and three boys Gabe, Noah and Asher.This episode was a really interesting look into the world of social media and what is can and can't do for student athletes, coaches and administrators. In the beginning coaches and admins asked Kevin to come to campus and convince their athletes to stay off social media. 9 years later they are pushing their athletes, helming them build their social media footprints, their brand to increase views, eyes, and advertising of their institutions. Social media is where we get all of our information. Its where we want to see what the college athletes, coaches and athletic directors engaging. Showing the fans who they are, what they like to do and why we love them as fans.

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