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On this episode I chatted with Dominica Lovera about her families history. Coming to America from Italy in 1910 to now having one of the best cheese and meat markets in the country. Award winning!

"At Lovera's, our focus has always been on quality. Each of our products is crafted with thought and consideration and with the desire and passion to bring quality Italian foods to the tables of each of our customers. For over 60 years, our family has been making and selling hand-crafted Italian foods. We settled in 1907, bringing family recipes and the distinct flavors from the mountains of Piemonte to the plains of Oklahoma, and we are still family owned and operated to this day. We are proud of how our little store has evolved, and how we have paid homage to our ancestors by pairing old family recipes with new age techniques. Our shelves are stocked with award-winning cheeses, sausages, and some of the world's best olives, antipasti, olive oils, vinegars, and other Italian imports. We hope we can offer you something that brings your family and friends together, that provides laughter and love, and reminds you what family dinners are all about. Dalla nostra famiglia alla vostra. (From our family to yours)"

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