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On this episode we dive into the rich history behind the Ambassador Hotel in Tulsa. A small boutique hotel with some great stories along the years. I sat down with hotel matter Nora Miller to learn all about the hotels personality and little quirks.

General Patrick Hurley opened the Ambassador Hotel in 1929, intending it to be a luxury "extended stay" residence for Tulsa businessmen (mostly oil business top executives), who were building mansions that were not yet ready for occupancy. Hurley never stayed in the hotel he founded. He moved to Washington, D. C. in March 1929, after President Herbert Hoover chose him to be Secretary of War, after the death of the previous Secretary, who died in December 1929. Hurley never returned to Tulsa.

The hotel business in Tulsa cooled with the onset of the Great Depression. The building had a succession of owners and uses after the Great Depression, and was vacant for more than a decade at the end of the 20th century. An investment group bought the property in 1999, and spent heavily on restoration before reopening it as a boutique hotel, a niche market it continues to occupy. In 2014, the Ambassador agreed to rebrand itself as part of the Autography Collection Hotels of Marriott International Follow them on Instagram @ambassadortuls #thisisoklahoma #stayambassadortulsa #ambassadorpartner

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