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On this episode I chatted with Vernon Deas founder of GRPFLY. Vernon has been there, done that and literally bought and sold the t-shirt. Sorry I couldn't help myself.

About: The dream that started in a small bedroom in 2008 has evolved into a global brand that LEADS, INSPIRES and brings HOPE to people across the world. GRP FLY was birthed from a vision to transform youth culture and pioneer progression towards a higher purpose. The brand has undergone metamorphosis into one of the industry’s premier giveback organizations dedicated to driving change, igniting vision, and empowering families in disenfranchised communities.

The term Group Fly simply means, “a group of people reaching a higher destination”. Our brand wants to do 3 things: CREATE amazing product, LEAD, and INSPIRE others. We attached the infamous tagline FLY OR DIE to our brand because we believe in life you’re either progressing towards achieving your goals and dreams or…you are just taking up space and dying….FLY OR DIE.

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