Sean McIntyre: Helping Investors Achieve £50k+ Per Year In Property


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There are many wise investors out there who know the power and the benefits of investing in property as an asset class. However, while a lot of them have that wisdom, and also the capital at hand to make such investments, they simply don't have the other resources to be able to pull the trigger and enjoy the incredible returns that are possible. Time is the biggest hurdle for them. Having or finding the time to be able to properly and fully assess each asset (the property) and run all the required due diligence to protect their investment. Lacking contacts is another obstacle. The various estate agents, letting agents, solicitors, brokers, accountants, tax advisors, builders, trades, planners, architects, engineers, and other various specialist professions that swarm the property world in different scenarios. And lacking the specialist knowledge and skills can be the investor's biggest hurdles; consciously and unconsciously. Some foolishly think that having binge-watched "Homes Under The Hammer" is enough to arm them and ensure they're able to protect what can be very sizeable sums in this investment field. Other wiser investors, have the awareness to understand they simply "don't know what they don't know." How to source the right assets, running deep due diligence, organising the various professionals to acquire, add value, maintain, hold, and sell the property. Not to mention the other connected matters such as tenants, agents, certifications, compliance, lending, and insurances. And that's not even covering the various strategies, tactics, and tax-efficient processes to structure the investment in the best way possible. Such investors have the wisdom to know that they just don't have such knowledge and skillsets, but they also know they don't have the time nor the inclination to learn it all. That's where outsourcing parts of the puzzle to someone like a Property Sourcer can bring huge benefit to these clever and time-poor investors. But like all areas of life, there are Property Sourcers and there are Property Sourcers. In today's show we speak to experienced sourcer and investor, Sean McIntyre, and chat over his personal journey, his track record, his projects, and more importantly, what value he brings to the investors and Private Clients that he works with. > Learn the biggest mistakes that most 'property sourcers' are making... > Hear about the real value and the holistic approach that Sean delivers to his private clients investing in property... > Listen to Sean talk about his "2 bank accounts" and how he's tracked them throughout his life... > Hear about 'the numbers,' the profits, the cashflow, and the returns that investors can enjoy in the rich and varied world of property...

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