TWiT 740: Sex-Positive Currency


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This week's stories

  • The Chinese propaganda app that spies on all Chinese citizens
  • Chinese influence in video games, social media, and other industries - where do we draw the line?
  • What is Tencent? How much influence do they have over the world? Here's how to keep them from watching your iPhone
  • Can we still trust Apple? Can we trust anyone?
  • At what point do we admit that we are in a multi-state information war?
  • Is there any way to fine Facebook fairly? Bring back the Office of Technology Assesment!
  • Remember: the answer to bad politics is not "no politics". It is good politics.
  • Facebook's Libra cryptocurrency is falling apart
  • There is a very good reason why politicians can lie on Facebook
  • How Boris Johnson games Google
  • There are no political ads in France. Could we do that in America?
  • Which weird phone stands a better chance: the Essential Gem or Microsoft Duo?
  • Apple Arcade is still wonderful.
  • How much do Americans know about tech? Not a lot. What should we do about that?
  • SCOTUS decides websites must be accessible to blind people
  • Lithium-ion battery inventors win Nobel Prize

Host: Leo Laporte

Guests: Patrick Beja, Brianna Wu, and Nate Lanxon

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