70: Is Golf Getting Healthier


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This week a friend of Jeff's, Ryan Groves from Force Plates, stops by the golf cave and we all just talk about various topics in golf. For instance, our favorite parts of "The Match" with Tiget, Phil, along with Peyton Manning and Tom Brady. Two G.O.A.T.S. on the course at the same time. Pretty cool! You have probab;y found it difficult to get a tee time during the quarantine. All of the open golf courses have been extraordinarily busy. But that doesn't mean the golf business is healthy. Equipment sales, food and beverage sales, clothing, etc. sales are all hurting badly. In fact, there is a lot of equipment that isn't even available because most American factories have been closed. Then Jeff suggests a fool proof way to get more folks playing golf: make the 18th hole play much easier than it looks. We suggest a few idea, including some sort of bumpers like they use in bowling alleys. And, of course, the bonus content is from 2 years ago. Kevin Rosenburg talks about his golf simulator company, P3 Pro Swing. All in all, yet another fantastic hour of golf talk radio with Those Weekend Golf Guys

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