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I have begun my soul journey with certain friends in 2020. Due to my Psychic Network Club I have invited Janet Kira Lessin, and Karen Gresham Nickell to join me on my Talk Shows Live Fridays. I have my web presence on Theresa J Morris where I also have my hosting specialist store now. There are many friends of mine who have asked me to assist them as their webmaster and virtual assistant since I take action in technology and communications. Tonight on June 5, 2020 we will deep dive into these two ladies souls to see how they want to proceed as my friends as we all learn how to make this world a better place to evolve and ascend together in what in my spiritual science club of metaphysicians is a group of chosen friends who I can appreciate with a web presence. I choose my friends wisely. Keep your friends close and your enemies closer while we all decide to share "Do Unto Others what we would have them do unto US!" I am about Peace and Justice for ALL! Freedom of Speech is important to me. Janet Kira Lessin and I have been Co-Hosts together now 8 years and our anniversary date is June 3, 2012. She has invited Karen Gresham Nickell to share in our syndication of our radio shows Live and Recorded on Fridays. Saturdays will have the MEN of Ya' Ain't Gonna Believe This in our ACE Folklife Society Alien Contact Organizers Groups with Ronnie Dawson and Tommy Hawksbllod Friends invited.

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