A Patriots reboot worked in 2010. Will it work now?


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1:25 - Tom Curran goes back to the 2009 Patriots season, analyzing what led to the team's failure and how the 2019 team failed in a similar way.

10:09 - Tom takes a look at what the team looked like in 2010 and reviews the Patriots' draft selections from 2008 though 2012, many of which contributed to the team's second dynasty.

16:48 - Phil Perry joins Tom to talk about the biggest issue that faces the Patriots as they attempt their current reboot: age. The 2020 Patriots will likely have the oldest roster in the NFL.

20:55 - Tom and Phil compare the draft selections from 2008 through 2012 to those from 2015-2018.

31:53 - What do the next few months look like for the Patriots as a pivotal draft approaches? And how does Tom's Brady's situation affect their draft strategy?

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