Physical Friday - 4 Things I’ve Changed THIS YEAR That Have Me Feeling My Best


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Many people in their 50’s would say that they are on a decline physically. I feel exactly the opposite. In fact, I have set multiple PR’s in many different workouts and weight lifting and I am 53! I had a person text me and ask if I had changed anything in my life this year that has lead to me feeling and performing so well. At first, nothing really came to mind because the things I have added have taken place over a long period of time. However, upon really thinking about it, I narrowed it down to 4 things: changes in my sleep schedule, supplements in the form of vitamins and minerals, stretching, and water intake.

Sleeping changed after I read the book “Why We Sleep” by Matthew Walker. You can find a link to that book by visiting our blog page:

When it comes to supplements, I have used a few different ones in conjunction with each other, mostly from 1st Phorm, that have helped dramatically to improve my health. I have tried many different combinations and also taking zero vitamins over the years. This year, I have found a combination that is working well for me. You can check out exactly what I use on our blog as well:

The biggest change in the way I feel is due to a gentleman named Joe Hippensteel. Through his program I have literally wound back the clock and feel 10-12 years younger. We have had him on the podcast twice before and he has helped dramatically to heal my back and knee pain. Check out his stretching routines in our blog:

Additionally, I have used @kneesovertoesguy program and made significant progress towards completely pain free knees.

Consistently staying hydrated and paying attention to my electrolyte levels is another huge benefit to my health. Link all 4 of these together and over the past year I have dramatically changed how I feel and perform day-to-day.

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