Dumb B*tch Bootcamp


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Today I present to you the dumb b*itch bootcamp part 1!!! I used to be the ceo of dumb bish club, but I've changed and now Im here to teach you how to go from dumb bish to boss bish. On today's solo episode, I cover, a fan's sex story, tb to me getting fingered and ending up in the hospital, girls with nipple piercings are superior, and being a dumb bish no more. We also cover, why you're dating the same men, changing your perspective, becoming the leading role in your movie, start acting like a prize, why he's not choosing you, and getting your power back. I end with a powerful message and hope that by the end of this, you're one step closer to a boss bish. Don't forget to subscribe to my podcast. :) New Episode every Thursday! follow us on IG at @TooTiredToBeCrazy and write your dating questions/sex stories on the podcast app reviews for a chance to be featured!!!

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