Topical Teachings – Sukkot Shabbat Salem


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Some tried sleeping in the succah, some camping out at home in tents. Sukkot is a wonderful opportunity to get to know your brothers and sisters in the faith more intimately. The Torah tells us to “live in booths for seven days: All native-born Israelites are to live in booths, so your descendants will know that I made the Israelites live in booths when I brought them out of Egypt. I am יהוה your Elohim.” The succah is defined as a ‘temporary dwelling’ (dirat arai). It's from our past and will be part of our prophetic future when the woman flees into the wilderness to yet again dwell in the succah. Now is the season like no other to view our home not as a castle, but as a fragile tabernacle where we are totally dependent on יהוה! We are the nation that was born, not in its land, but in the desert, not in cities and FEMA camps but free!

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