Sarah Crowley: Focusing On The Long Term Gains


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About this episode:

In this week’s episode, coach Adam talks with multiple Ironman Champion Sarah Crowley about her progression as a professional triathlete and how's she's managed to perform at such a high level in the sport while working a demanding full-time job.

Guest Bio – Sarah Crowley:

Sarah Crowley is a multiple Ironman Champion professional triathlete, originally from Adelaide, focusing on non-drafting Olympic distance, half ironman distance, and iron distance triathlon. Sarah is also a Chartered Accountant. Having worked until 2016 as a Director in Corporate Finance at Deloitte. Her background in the high-pressure environment of professional services has provided Sarah with an interesting perspective on, and ability to cope with, world level racing.

  • Ironman World Championship Kona Podium 2019 and 2017
  • Ironman Arizona Champion 2019
  • South American Ironman Champion 2018
  • ITU World Long Course Champion 2017
  • Asia Pacific and European Ironman Champion 2017

Episode Highlights:

  • Balancing working full-time with being a professional triathlete
  • Identifying and improving weaknesses
  • The importance of staying relaxed in training
  • Staying motivated for long term fitness gains

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