105: Nas - "Illmatic" (1994)


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This is the Transatlantic Rebels Podcast.

Episode 105 - no Rochard on this one so I recruited an incredible guest - welcome to the show, Swami Baracus!

We discuss one of my favourite albums of all time to coincide with its 26th anniversary... It is, of course, the legendary "Illmatic" by Nas.

There is so much to talk about, and we cover a wide array of subject matter.

@JesalTV is from the UK, and (regular) Rochard is from America. We like to talk in depth about albums, films, TV shows and books.

Our guest @SwamiBaracus can be found at that handle on Twitter and Instagram. Also check out his dope free mixtape "The Recipe" and his website: http://www.swamibaracus.com/ AND search for the Native Immigrants Podcast on all platforms.


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