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Our work environment heavily impacts our health more than we ever know. When we are not taking care of ourselves, we are more prone to burn out, stress, and sickness.

If you are not in your top condition, you’re more absent and disengaged at work. But when you’re in a space that empowers you to be healthy and happy, it’ll reflect on your work!

Join me in this episode as we talk about how to create safe spaces and build accountability connections within your organizations with Emily Elrod! She is an experienced corporate consultant and the President of Workzbe, a company with a mission to creating environments where people can have accountability, long-lasting connections, and favorable results.

Find out how you can create wise work that your people need as Emily shares her knowledge and expertise so you have a culture that empowers people to show up, contribute, collaborate, and have fun in what they do!

In this episode, you will learn about:

  • Creating safe spaces or accountability connection
  • Building through trust
  • Implementing programs and processes that’ll make your people’s lives better
  • Why information is not always power
  • Why it’s important to have a conversation about stress
  • The ideal work environment
  • Why you should help yourself first to help others
  • Why you should strive to know your people first before you start allocating your resources

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