5 Steps to Reducing Stress with Genella Macintyre


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Stress is our response when we feel pressured or upset. When we are stressed, we become both mentally and physically unstable. Though we can’t live without stress, we can learn how to keep it at bay.

Is stress getting to you lately? Or most of the time? Worry no more because today, we will talk about effective stress management tips to help you live a balanced life.

In this episode, Genella Macintyre, the author of “5 Steps to Reducing Stress: Recognizing What Works”, joins the show to talk about essential strategies on understanding stress and how to reduce it.

She is a corporate trainer, a psychology expert, and the President of Partners in Discovery Ltd., she is on a mission to improve people’s quality of living by teaching them how to manage and reduce their stress.

Discover what your stress triggers are and recognize what works for you as Genella offers practical advice on relaxation and lowering your stress levels that can calm your mind and body.

Grab a copy of 5 Steps to Reducing Stress: Recognizing What Works 👉 here.

In this episode, you will learn about:

  • How much is too much stress
  • How stress is similar to carrying a luggage
  • Identifying what triggers stress
  • The impact of stress when we don’t manage it
  • Stress cycles
  • How can we help people who are under stress
  • Steps to reducing stress
  • The role of leaders in reducing their people’s stress levels

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