How to Write Compelling Job Posts to Attract the Best Candidates with Mac Prichard


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With the help of technology, publishing your job posts has never been easier. The challenge, how will you stand out and attract the best pool of job seekers?

In a sea of job postings, how do you help a qualified individual seeking for a job find your job posts?

In this episode, we are joined by the career expert Mac Prichard to answer questions related to job search and job postings!

Mac is a Communications Strategist and the Founder and Publisher of Mac’s List, a top source for job listings in Portland, Oregon aimed at professionals who’re looking for a personally fulfilling career. He is also the host of Find Your Dream Job podcast where they provide inspiration, empathy, insider secrets, and actionable advice to help you find purposeful work! Check out my guest appearance on Mac’s show!

At Mac’s List, they believe that behind every successful career, there’s a smart, effective job seeker. And Mac will share tips for job seekers and how employers can create a compelling job post and help others build a great career!

In this episode, you will learn about:

  • Update on the current volumes of job postings on Mac’s list
  • Job losses and recovery
  • Passive job seekers and job seeking for survival
  • How employers can make their job post appealing
  • How to have a clear hiring process
  • Why you should be giving much information as possible before an interview
  • What constitute a good job interview?
  • How to write a job posting in a compelling way

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